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Incorporation Process and Overview of Services

Order Process:

The order process is as follows:

Choose the state in which you want to create the Corporation. 

Fill out the order form online or call us at 1-800-494-3124 to order.

Once we receive your new order, we will prepare the Articles of Incorporation for your review and signature.

Upon receipt of your signed documents, we will file your Corporation with the appropriate state.

Upon receipt of the the completed documents from the state of incorporation, we will obtain the EIN from the IRS if you ordered it from us.

Once we have received the completed Articles of Incorporation and EIN (if ordered), your documents and any other products ordered will be sent to you via email or Fedex.

Services We Offer:

Corporate Formation

A1A Incorporation Services can incorporate your Corporation in any of the 50 States.

Obtain Federal ID:

A1A can obtain your EIN (Federal Employer Tax ID Number). All Businesses must have a Federal ID to open a bank account, file a tax return or have employees. It is similar to a 9 Digit Social Security Number except it is a Nine Digit Number for a Business. You will need the EIN in order to open a business bank account and file a tax return.

Prepare S-Corporation Election:

A1A can prepare IRS Form 2553. The S-Corporation Election allows you to avoid double taxation of the Corporation's net income.

Deluxe Corporate Kits & Seals:

High Quality 3 Ring Binder with Slipcase,  Custom Embossed Corporate Name,  Printed Bylaws,  Stock Certificates,  Minute Book,  Stock Transfer Ledger,  Various Agreements Related to Corporations and much more.

Registered Agent Service:

It is required that all Corporations have a registered agent in the state of incorporation.
A1A Incorporation Services can appoint a Registered Agent in your state of incorporation.

Expedited Filing:

A1A can file your new LLC on an expedited. Processing times vary from state to state.

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