How to do Florida Corporation or LLC Name Search

When incorporating or establishing your LLC in Florida, one of the first steps is to make sure that you chose a name that it is not yet being used by another business.
This is a fairly simple 4-step process, and is important to do in the early stages of your business development process.


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The Florida Department of State makes it easy to search company names in Florida.

1. Go to

2. Then move the cursor over Document Search

3. Move the cursor down to Corporation/Trademark/LLC/LP

4. Move the cursor right and click on Inquire by Entity Name

website text imageOnce you are in the Corporation and LLC search you can submit a name to see if it is available.




if I search for “Joe the Plumber Inc.,” I get a list of 20 companies. To the right of each name, there are several different Statuses:

Joe the PlumberTo the right of the names column, you will see one of the following labels in the “status” column:


  • If the status is “Active”, the name is not available.


  • If the status is “INACT” (inactive), the company was dissolved through an Administrative Dissolution. The name may or may not be available.


  • If the status is “INACT/UA”, the name is not available but will be available within one year. Generally, an inactive but unavailable status is result of the company not filing the annual report.


  • If the status is “InActive”, the company was voluntarily dissolved. The name may or may not be available.


  • This status indicates an inactive company as a result of filing an Entity Conversion. The name may or may not be available.


  • If the status is “NAME HS,” the company changed it’s name at some point. NAME HS means Name History. The name may or may not be available.


  • If the status is “CROSS RF”, the name may or may not be available. The reason for CROSS RF (Cross Reference) is because the company attempted to qualify their business in Florida.  At the time of qualification the company’s name from it’s home state was not available in Florida. In this situation, the company would input an alternate name in order to qualify the company in Florida. The alternate name create the Cross Reference. In this situation, the name may or may not be available.


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