How to do a NEW YORK Corporation or LLC name search

When establishing your business in the state of New York, it is important to first determine if the name you wish to use for your business is available. This post will walk you through the simple process of doing a New York name search.

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In order to do a New York Corporation or LLC name search, the first step is to go to the New York Department of State’s website.

  1. Once there, input the name you want to search in the search box labeled “Business Entity Name.”
  2. You can further filter your search by selecting the “Status” button to select whether you want to search ACTIVE ONLY or ALL (Entities).
    • If you select ACTIVE ONLY, will search only names that are currently active. This will allow you to see if anyone is currently using the name you want.
    • By selecting ALL, your search will include company names that are both active and inactive.
  3. You can also filter your search by selecting “Search Type” -There are three options:  BEGINS WITH, PARTIAL or CONTAINS.
    • BEGINS WITH – You can enter the first words of the name or the entire name. This is the most exact search.
    • PARTIAL – You can enter one word or multiple words The order does not matter.
    • CONTAINS – You can enter just a part of the word. This type of search is quite obtuse. It can generate a large number of search results.

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Another way to do a name search is to begin the process of creating a Corporation or LLC on the  New York Department of State website:

  • The first part of the order form will tell you if the name is available. Once you determine if the name is available, simply discontinue filling out the form.

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