How to do a Delaware Corporation or LLC Name Search

As mentioned in our previous post, it is very important to determine if the name you chose for your business is available before establishing your Corporation or LLC.

However, if you MUST have that name, you can consider alternatives such as filing a Fictitious Name. If there is very little chance that there would be a conflict with the other business of the same name (perhaps they are in another country, or an entirely different industry – both of which can mitigate the possible negative effects – but in most cases, it is best to find an original name.

In order to do a Delaware Name Search and or Name Reservation, click here to visit this site.
Then chose the entity type:
  • Corporation
  • Statutory Trust
  • Limited Partnership (LP)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • General Partnership (GP)


-> Important: If you chose Corporation, then you will need to select a suffix for the name such as “Inc.” (More on allowable suffixes below).

The next step is to enter the name you want for your company in the Entity Name box without the suffix.

The search feature will then tell you if the name is available. If so, you can file a name reservation if necessary. Superbiz does not normally file name reservation because most people just want to file the company. Filing the company will secure the name.

-> Delaware does allow for a lot of different suffixes for Corporations. The suffix “Inc.” is the most popular.

Allowable Corporation Suffixes:
  1. Association
  2. Company
  3. Co.
  4. Corporation
  5. Corp.
  6. Club
  7. Foundation
  8. Fund
  9. Incorporated
  10. Inc.
  11. Institute
  12. Limited
  13. Ltd.
  14. Society
  15. Syndicate
  16. Union
  17. The Limited Liability Company endings are.
  18. Limited Liability Company
  19. L.L.C.
  20. LLC
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The process is as easy at that! If you have further questions about name searching or a ready to establish your Corporation or LLC, give us a call today at Superbiz!
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